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About Us 1

About Us 1


Celia Is A Design Studio Based In London


Our agency can only be as strong as our people and because of this, our team have run their own businesses, designed game changing products, consulted for companies as well as competed collegiately and professionally when it comes to sports.


Product is the vital essence of what we do, and truly great products are born of meticulous planning and process. This is where we specialise, taking a lean & agile approach to product creation.


One of our values in Celia agency is “Beauty in Simplicity” because we love making things simple, intuitive and expertly crafted.


What We Do!

Brand & Identity

Your logo is the very heart of your identity, let our designers deliver the perfect & dreamy design.

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Web Design

What separates celia from all other web design agencies is the ability to offer the most User Experience.

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Photography is the core of we do at celia, photography equipment & digital camera reviews.

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Meet The Team.

Ahmed Hassan


Ahmed Abd-Alhaleem


Mahmoud Baghagho

Art Director

Lucky Partners!